Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The view from the other side

As you might have noticed - there is quite a gap since my last post.

Basically, I reached the point, about 6 months into the bankruptcy, where the rest of my world fell apart. My wife (and kids) left me and I went down hill rapidly. Many months of sickness followed, extended time off work, a complete meltdown.

And now I'm through it. I feel good (hopefully that isn't the drugs still) and I'm looking forward. I live a modest life, I am divorced, and I'm happy.

I'm still paying the Insolvency Service monthly, I still have little left at the end of the month, my credit rating is still at the centre of the Earth (in other words it can't get lower) but life has begun again.

Good luck to all in the same boat - you can survive this.