Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Keep those emails coming please

Since being linked to by the BBC News website I've had a fair few emails - please keep them coming, it's great to hear from you all. Some of you have been telling me about the routes you have taken through insolvency and there are some real eye-openers out there - stuff I wish I'd known over the last six months. With the permission of the individuals involved I hope to bring some of these emails into the blog - so stay tuned!

By the way, one particular reader told me that it was refreshing to read someone's insolvency experiences in a way that was informative without it being used to 'sell' him anything. Well, I'd like to confirm now to you all that this blog will never be used to sell anything, nor will it ever have adverts. This blog was never intended as a way to make money- I think I've proved I'm pretty crap with money anyway ;-)