Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Accepting the Income Payment Agreement

Life takes its toll occasionally, and so I've taken a brief break from writing about bankruptcy - for a while there I needed to remember that I'm simply a person too rather than just a bankruptee.

I now have some good news to report. The Official Receiver has reduced my Income Payment Agreement (IPA) payment to a lower (and payable) sum. I used the basis of the figures in Data for family expenditure (available as a spreadsheet from the Insolvency Service's website - www.insolvency.gov.uk/DocumentLibrary/Policy/Excel/Household%20Expenditur.xls) to challenge some of the Official Receiver's original views on my outgoings and I was successful in most areas. One thing surprised me - I wasn't allowed £20 a month to give the kids at least some enjoyable experiences during the holidays. No complaints though, I immediately signed the agreement and expect my copy through the post any day. I'm actually looking forward to beginning to pay the IPA - the sooner I start the sooner the 36th payment.

Still no news on the house - but I know I'll hear at some point and I'm not pressing for it.