Thursday, 11 March 2010

A message from the BBC

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a BBC researcher called Jonathan Davenport. He asked if I would be interested in appearing on a show due for broadcast on BBC TV sometime in July - the programme (actually a set of three programmes I think) is to cover many money related issues and as part of that they want to hear stories from people who have gone through insolvency. After much thought (you wouldn't believe how much) I decided to decline his offer. It was a very difficult decision as I feel very strongly that it is important to get our insolvency experiences to a wider audience - if only to counteract the ridiculous stories of bankers being paid millions in bonuses! Last year one in every 320 adults in our country went insolvent, one in ten never clear their overdrafts each month - we are a substantial group and our voices should be heard and our experiences should be told.

In the end my decision wasn't based on what my family and friends thought of me (everyone to a man has been totally supportive), but based on my work. I'm employed in quite a large organisation and there was always the possibility that my bankruptcy being made public could make my position untenable - and frankly I need the money. To assuage my guilt I offered to post a message on this blog for Jonathan - I hope that some of you will contact him. Here is his message:

Are you in an IVA/DMP or going bankrupt?
Have you had the right advice?
Do you want to share your story?
My name's Jonathan and I'm researching a new series for BBC 2 called Money Watch - looking at people's real life financial stories across the country. I'd like to hear your experiences about what it's like dealing with debt. If you're interested this could lead to some filming for the show. I look forward to hearing from you - my number's 020 8008 3989 or email's

Jonathan Davenport
Money Watch
MC4 B4, BBC Media Centre
London, W12 7TQ
Tel: 020 8008 3989