Friday, 4 December 2009

Debt collectors hit out at advice websites

I find this comical. Debt collectors are getting upset with us! Who would have thought that debt collectors are a persecuted minority? Bless!

"Debt collectors are planning ways to hit back against online consumer forums allowing people to share advice about dealing with debt problems and taking on financial institutions.

The Credit Services Association (CSA), the main trade body for debt collectors, has held workshops for its members to explore ways of "combating" organisations such as the Consumer Action Group (CAG), a forum with almost 250,000 members.

A CSA PowerPoint presentation, seen by the Guardian, claims such sites are guilty of "encouraging" people to evade debts, provide "breeding grounds for misinformation" and "insult" banks and debt collectors."

Read the whole thing at : (The Guardian, 2nd. December, 2009)