Tuesday, 15 December 2009

MBNA - please get the message!

Another exciting letter from MBNA - even though I think I've now told them twice that I'm bankrupt. Highlights of the latest letter:

If you do not contact our office within seven days on 0800 389 XXXX so we can discuss a repayment plan, we may recommend that our solicitors commence legal action. Depending on your locality, this would result in the following:
  • A county Court Judgement / Sheriff's Court Decree being registered against you, which may affect your ability to obtain future credit.
And then one of the following actions:
  • Your employer being ordered by the court to make deductions from your salary through an Attachment of Earnings / Earnings Arrestment.
  • A Bailiff / Officer of the Court / Enforcement Officer being instructed to execute an attachment over goods that you own to reclaim the value of outstandings.
  • A Charging Order / Inhibition Order / Order Charging Land being placed on your property which could result in any available funds being distributed to MBNA (a Bank of America company) following sale of your property.
Do not ignore this letter; call us immediately to make a debit card payment or advise us of your intentions.

Nice eh? So I called them up.

"I'd love to pay you, but as I've already told you, I'm bankrupt."
"Yes, sir. That's on our records. So just ignore the letter."
"But it's pretty threatening, can you stop more letters?"
"Yes sir, I realise."
"So will these threatening letters stop?"
"I can't stop them, we're Customer Relations. you need to talk to another department."
"But the letter said ring you."
"Yes, sir."
"I'm bankrupt, you've got a note of that. I'm not allowed to even try to pay you anything. So why the threatening letters?"
"Sorry sir, you'll have to talk to the other department."

So, another letter for the shredder. And I'm expecting more.