Thursday, 3 December 2009

Update on my only two assets

No news is good news, the saying goes. No news for us means still not knowing (after almost a week) if we will lose our car or not. I don't want to hassle the Insolvency Service, but I am surprised I haven't heard anything by now.

On another note, my wife and I had our home valued by a local estate agent today. To our utter surprise, the answer was around £200K. We thought it would be much lower - the upshot of this is that we are on the borderline whether will be offered to buy the interest in the house from the Official Receiver or not. Needless to say we will get valuations from other estate agents and if they are all in the same ball park then we need to get a proper bank valuation. This will cost us yet more money we haven't got but might give a more accurate value (and show what we believe - that we are still in negative equity). I never ever thought that I'd
want to be in negative