Friday, 4 December 2009

Left at the (sacrificial) altar

It's been a heck of a few weeks. The actual process of getting prepared for bankruptcy, attending court and then talking with the Official Receivers office was hectic and very stressful. Two weeks on and I feel a bit like I've been forgotten, like I'm in a sort of bankruptcy limbo.

My only assets are a house (that I had believed was a long way into negative equity) and a cheapish car. I still don't know if we will lose the car or not as I've never had anyone come back to me to tell me what they think it's worth at auction. This isn't a dig at the Insolvency Service, I bet their workload is enormous.

As to the house, the first valuation I received (admittedly with an Estate Agent, who tend to talk properties up) was a whole lot higher than I expected. Good news in one sense in that I'm not in the huge property hole that I thought I was, but on the down side I'm on the verge of having a property that is worth something to the Official Receiver. Not that I want to hoodwink anyone, if it's really worth more then it's worth more and the Official Receivers Office can do what they wish with my assets - they control them. I guess I'm learning that I have to be flexible.

My old 'friends', the credit card companies and banks, call occasionally but only to confirm that they have to call me occasionally until they hear from the Official Receiver. Yesterday it was Nationwide, today it was MBNA.

I still smart occasionally at the sound of phones, but it's getting better. Why am I left feeling like a bride at the altar?