Thursday, 19 November 2009

Anything else I can do for you?

Last night I managed to raise a smile - something that I could not have even imagined only a few days ago. So how did it happen? Quite simple, I called the companies that I owe (owed, I have to let that sink in still) money to. All of them are banks or credit card companies, and all (almost all - Egg sent by far the fewest letters, MBNA sent tons of them) have been busy showering me with letters and phone calls so it was time to inform them of my bankruptcy. As I've said before, my policy had been to avoid the calls and to ignore the letters - not because I was hiding under a rock and ignoring my predicament but because I had nothing positive to say to them.

For each one the format was simple, I gave them the date of my bankruptcy and where, and gave my bankruptcy reference number. Everyone at the other end of the phone was polite and business-like. For the first time in months I left the phone plugged in to the wall for the *whole* night! Twice I received calls from companies I had already phoned myself and when I pointed this out both were very apologetic, promising no further calls.

I even made the guy at Egg laugh. 'Anything else I can do for you?' he said automatically at the end of my call to them.
'Well,' I said, 'I doubt it - you won't be giving me a new credit card any time soon, will you?'

You can't believe the sense of relief I'm beginning to feel.