Friday, 6 November 2009

It's a date

A date has been pencilled in the diary. A little under two weeks to go to B-day. I've been using to put in as much detail as I can to what will be my 'Statement of Affairs'. The online system has actually made it relatively easy but I still have some questions unanswered -how much detail do I put in my list of assets, for example? Like you, I've just got your typical house junk, what goes on the list and what doesn't? A couple of old TVs, probably not worth more than £100 each - do they go on? A 3 year old computer, probably not worth a light - does that go on? It would be easier if they said "put anything on the form worth more than X" ... X could be £50 or £100 or £200 - but it would make filling in the form easier.