Monday, 16 November 2009

T minus 12 hours

Just over 12 hours to go. I've spent the last evening of non-bankruptcy finalising the forms on the insolvency website, suffering a few scares on the way, and then having my last glass of wine as a non-bankrupt and watching some normal TV to avoid thinking about the morning.

The scares were fun... firstly, I thought the whole insolvency website was down for maintenance (not so, they were advertising downtime for next week) and then filling in the forms one particular box was limited to only 200 characters - unfortunately I was trying to get about 400 characters of information in there, so after paring it down the box text looked like hieroglyphics. Lastly, I thought I was going to run out of paper while printing the forms - each set was 34 pages long and I needed three sets - had about ten sheets of A4 left at the end. Bullet dodged...

But that's it. Ready to go to court tomorrow... well, as ready as I'll ever be.