Saturday, 7 November 2009

Going off the radar

Obviously the banks are constantly trying to contact me, either via letter or by phone call. What really is the correct response? So far my approach has been to ignore all calls and letters,because I unfortunately realise that bankruptcy is my only option - and so there is nothing I can say or do to placate these organisations who are after me. If I answered their calls for example, what exactly could I say to them? 'Sorry, but I'll be bankrupt very soon, and you will then be able to contact the Official Receiver.'Would that do it? Or because , at that particular moment in time, I'm still the one to chase for my debt would they continue to call and write? I don't honestly know. If I could pay them, even if it was a smaller amount, or not to their timescale, I certainly *would* call them - but frankly, what is the point of doing that now?