Thursday, 19 November 2009

One calamity away

My fellow bankruptees were average people just like you and me. As I said previously, six of us went bankrupt on the 17th. November in Newcastle. Maybe there were more in the afternoon, I don't know.

Three men, three women. Of the men, the other guys were both in their mid-thirties or early forties, both dressed as your typical tradesmen. Maybe they were plumbers or electricians, maybe they built swanky bathrooms, I don't know. They just looked like normal nice guys. Whether it was their business going down or just themselves personally I don't know either - both looked relieved on their way from the judge's chambers.

Of the women, one looked like your typical mid-forties housewife, one was a mid-thirties Goth, while the last looked hardly into her twenties. All the women had family or friends with them to support them, that was good to see.

We were all just normal folk. How many people out there are just one calamity away from being in our shoes?